What your Desktop Speakers Say About You

Don't get caught with injection molded factory desktop speakers

Written BY

Mike Dias

I founded Domo Audio because I love music. I love audio. And I believe in building relationships, not transactions.


February 15, 2019

A Clean Desk is a Clear Mind

Your desktop speakers give you away. Your coworkers and your prospective clients are subliminally gauging your attention to detail and judging your level of professionalism and commitment.

Are you neat and tidy? 

Do you go the extra mile?

Are you bold and precise? 

Or are you mismatched with wires sticking out all over the place?

Make a Statement. Tell a Story

Be unique.

Command attention.

Telegraph your intent.

Show that you have impeccable taste and that you seamlessly combine art with technology.

Opt for Elegance

Your workspace sets the tone for everything that you do and create.

Do not shortchange yourself.

Do not underestimate the impact that sound has on your creativity and overall performance.

Choose a Centerpiece

Pick a system that gets people talking. Pique their interest.

You don't need to say anything.

They'll notice.

They'll ask questions.

Make them want more. Make them want to sit down and LISTEN.

Then you have them hooked.

That's when perspectives shift.

We Recommend Dragonfire Acoustics

Be awed by these flat panel speakers.

They are razor thin and absolutely eye-catching.

No one has desktop speakers like these.

They are as sleek as your laptop.

They take up no space yet their presence fills the room.

And of course we can get into all the technical aspects and how these are the latest creation from Dr. C — the planar magnetic genius CTO from Audeze — but for now, let's just let these stand on their aesthetic merits alone.

Learn More About the Dragonfire Acoustics Mini Dragon System


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