Here's why I started Domo Audio

I left my position as Director of Sales & Marketing for Ultimate Ears so that I could start Domo Audio.

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Mike Dias

I founded Domo Audio because I love music. I love audio. And I believe in building relationships, not transactions.


April 12, 2019

I Started Domo Audio

Because I love sound. I love rhythm, noise, distortion, textures, layers, and the interplay.

I love the discipline and the artistry of making music.

I love the process and I know how to navigate around the industry.

I've been a manufacturer of audio equipment for pro audio and for consumer electronics.

And I love how these 2 segments intersect.

I love the passion of audio collectors.

I've seen the portable audio category grow from nearly nothing to what it is today.

And I can count many industry pioneers as close family friends.

I've been incredibly lucky.

I've had a great run. I've been in the right place at the right time.

And I've been able to watch, learn, and think.

I've also been able to figure out what I'm good at. What I love to do. And where my discipline and artistry intersect.

I love telling stories. I love highlighting the success of friends. I love sharing.

And I love the performance of true customer service.

Domo Audio is my Platform for all of this.

With Domo Audio, I'm able to represent all audio manufacturers.

I'm able to define new standards for amazing customer service.

I'm able to build a team of amazingly talented people who passionately care.

And most importantly, I'm able to provide a true service for the community, for all music lovers.

Without you — the reader and the collector — there is no show.

Domo Audio exists for you.

Thank you.

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