The Philosophy of Domo Audio

As music lovers, we want the raw essence of sound. We crave to be as close to the original studio experience as possible. That's why we're always looking for new and better gear.

Written BY

Mike Dias

I founded Domo Audio because I love music. I love audio. And I believe in building relationships, not transactions.


January 12, 2019

Anything is not Everything.

Remember when you used to go into your favorite record shop and the guy behind the counter always made a great recommendation that suited your tastes and style? He always knew the classics as well as what was new and up-and-comming. He was an expert. He was a tastemaker. He knew you and he knew the community. He was part of the tribe. He was part of the experience.

That's missing today. Sure, we can get anything we want with a few clicks. But the algorithms aren't the same as a passionate human. Part of the experience is gone, part of it is a little empty. This is a huge reason why I started Domo Audio. I want to bring back the concept of trust, recomendations, relationships and true customer service.

The Domo Audio Way

We are curators for hi-fi audio. We showcase the best  the industry offers. And we do it with excitement and joy. We do it because we care.

We are friends with the manufacturers that we represent. And we carry their lines proudly and with respect.

We offer in-depth exclusive interviews with industry pioneers so that you can gain insight into their design philosophy. What inspires them? What drives their creativity. What sound signatures are they trying to capture? How is their personality represented in their products?

We also present viewpoints and philosophies of the studio engineers who recorded some of your favorite albums of all time.. What sounds & feelings were they trying to capture? Because at the end of the day, that's the same essence that we're trying to uncover with the gear. We want to get as close to the original studio experience as possible.


We offer everything you need to surround yourself with the best sound systems


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We're here to build relationships,
not transactions.

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